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Guitar amps

If you have an electric guitar, it is a given that you are going to need some guitar amps. ‘Amps’ is short for ‘amplifiers’ – electronics and tubes that bring life to that electric guitar.

Guitar amps are as varied and personal as the actual guitars. You have to hear the sounds produced by any given amp before you know if it will suit your purpose. That’s why music stores are sometimes irritating – just one guitar player plugged in to an amp in a music store creates quite a ruckus. But with so many different kinds of amps available, you have to try before you buy.

Rock ‘n roll would be nothing without guitar amps. From the dry, classic sound of Elvis’ guitar to the signature snarl of Black Sabbath guitars, most of any recognizable guitar sound is produced from the amp. Amps are equipped with a variety of knobs used to adjust high, low, and mid-range electric sounds.













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