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Blues guitars

Blues guitar is a style of playing based on specific chords and feelings of despair and sadness. Blues guitar isn’t a specific instrument, though some guitar bodies are better-suited for blues playing than others.

There have been many great guitarists who specialize in playing the blues. Perhaps the recent greatest and certainly one of the most popular is B.B. King. There are a few reasons why B.B. King is considered to be such a great guitarist. If it is your plan to be able to truly play the blues, perhaps you should try to learn from his example. Here are some of the things B.B. would pay attention to:

• Feel it ? When King plays the guitar, he doesn’t just play it, he feels it in his soul. And because he feels it himself, he is able to help others feel it as well. This is one of the signs of a great blues guitarist. You have to make your audience feel what you feel.
• Practice ? You can feel it all you want, but it is still absolutely necessary to practice a lot if you are truly interested in being able play the guitar with the best of them. The great guitarists didn’t get that way overnight. Their achievements required lots and lots of practice and hard work. If you want to be great, you will need to commit yourself to the same. Learn all the rules and technique before you can abandon them.














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