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Electric guitars

Ask anybody what the first word that comes to their head is when they think of electric guitars and the consensus response that you will probably get is “loud.”

Despite their reputation as being loud and annoying, there are many good uses for these guitars and the fact is that in many ways they are not all that different from normal guitars.

Of course, there are going to be some differences, especially with the different types of guitars. Take for example bass electric guitars. These types of guitars are important for underscoring the melody in many songs, but few of those who do not own guitars know that these kinds of guitars actually have less strings than other types of guitars. Because bass guitars are a little more limited in their scope, some consider them to be a bit easier for beginners to pick up.

Another difference is the amount of sound the instrument amplifies. If you are really strumming a way on your acoustic guitar, chances are it can get kind of loud, but not so loud that anybody would really be bothered by it. Too bad the same cannot be said for electric guitars. These instruments are hooked into amplifiers when they are played and if you really start strumming along and have the amplifier turned up, there is a good chance that you might have some angry neighbors.

Still, despite these obvious differences, there are definitely some similarities as well. One of the biggest similarities is the fact that toy essentially play an acoustic guitar and a standard electric guitar the same way. You grip it the same and you place your fingers the same way to play chords. The one different thing that you do is that you typically strum a lot softer on an electric guitar to make the same sound from a typical guitar.













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