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If I am a beginner, what kind of guitar should I get?

Some people who are just starting out sometimes consider a bass guitar to be easier to learn because there are less strings and fewer chords to learn. Typically, these guitars are simply easier to learn because you do not play the melody in songs, but instead play music to give a beat and bass line to the melody.

But, this does not necessarily that a bass guitar is the best. Some feel that it is best to get down all of the basics to playing a real guitar down before moving on to a bass guitar. They think that having the all-around knowledge can help you when you need to specialize in one certain instrument.

Should I use a pick when I play?

This depends on which school of thought you subscribe to. Some people feel that playing the guitar with a pick is less personal because your hands do not get the feel that they would get if you were actually strumming the guitar strings yourself. There are many people who feel that they cannot convey the emotions in their songs as well when using a pick.

But, on the other hand, there are some people who definitely prefer to use a pick. The best reason for this is simply because if you play the guitar for several hours at a time, you will notice that your fingers get red and blistered and it can alter how you play. A pick also offers a percussive, aggressive sound to the notes, which can be an asset if you’re playing “hard” music.

Which is better, an electric or an acoustic guitar?

This is kind of like asking, which are better, cats or dogs? There are different aspects that different kinds of people prefer about both of these different kinds of instruments. Some people think that an acoustic guitar is better because it has a more pure, pristine sound about it. They also prefer them because they can be played without an amplifier.

But, there are those who prefer electric guitars as well. One of the biggest reasons for this is because they simply like to have a big sound come from their instruments. For many types of music, these kinds of guitars are best suited because the music requires a big sound to be most effective.













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